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Top 9 WordPress Event Management Plugins in 2022
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Do you want to publicise an upcoming event or introduce a new regular feature to your website? Top 9 WordPress Event Management Plugins in 2022. Have you tried using the WordPress default calendar and found it wanting? A WordPress event plugin could be useful in this case.

If you’re starting an events business, want more people to know about your events, or use booking as part of your business model, a WordPress event plugin is a must-have piece of software.

It can be difficult to choose which of the several available WordPress event plugins is worth installing. How can you determine if they are worth the money you will spend?

We can help with that.

To help you plan your next WordPress event, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top event plugins available. We have researched, tested, and evaluated a large number of WordPress event plugins to narrow the field down to the top 10.

What are WordPress Event Plugins?

WordPress event plugins can be as simple as a calendar to inform site visitors of future events. Or they can be more complex and include a wide range of additional features. Ticketing, scheduling. Managing attendees, and sending out post-event emails are just some of the features that can be included in a fully-featured WordPress events plugin.

Websites that don’t need the full functionality of an event management platform might save a lot of money by using a plugin like this one. It’s all thanks to a WordPress add-on.

Is It Worth Paying for a WordPress Event Plugin?

Although free is always attractive, there are good arguments for investing in a premium WordPress events plugin.

The free versions of several of these WordPress event plugins are among the best available. A handful of them include payment processors and other helpful extras built right into the free edition.

However, you should expect to pay a premium for anything of high quality. Many of the pricey add-ons are as well.

Support is an often-overlooked aspect of paid WordPress plugins. While developers may provide some level of assistance for the free version, Top 9 WordPress Event Management Plugins in 2022. they will always prioritise their paying customers.

Customer service is one of those things you only truly value if you’ve ever needed it.

1. Venture Event Manager

Even if it comes last on our list of the top WordPress events plugins in 2022, Venture Event Manager is not to be underestimated. It’s a well-polished product featuring a variety of time-management and agenda-making options.

The Venture Event Manager free version offers an intuitive drag-and-drop event builder that is simple to use. Even while the built-in capabilities should be sufficient for most users who aren’t programmers, the additional coding possibilities provide nearly infinite flexibility.

There are several calendar displays to choose from, as well as listings for upcoming events, compatibility with iCal and Gcal, widgets, a search bar, reoccurring events, and Google Maps integration for getting around. Future events, advanced filtering options, personalised designs, grid-based designs, and access to extensions are all part of the paid tier.

2. Stache themes Event Calendar

The Stachethemes Event Calendar WordPress plugin is fresh to the market, but its developers have high hopes for it. It has a comprehensive feature set, a user-friendly interface, and a convenient drag-and-drop editor all in one convenient plugin.

This plugin is beautifully put together, with thoughtful use of colour, graphics, and flat style. Support for numerous payment gateways, social media sharing, a drag-and-drop event builder, different calendar and event display options, coming soon pages for future events, filters and search, booking tools, WooCommerce integration, and a tonne more are just a few of the features available.

Stachethemes Event Calendar is responsive and compatible with the vast majority of WordPress themes.

3. EventOn

You won’t find a more aesthetically pleasing WordPress events plugin than EventOn. It’s visually appealing thanks to clever use of colour and minimalistic layout. As an added bonus, it is packed with useful features and makes managing, displaying, and hosting events a breeze.

EventOn’s calendar function works quite well. Creating, editing, and displaying events on a page or through a widget couldn’t be easier. Top 9 WordPress Event Management Plugins in 2022. Images can be added to listings, and users can choose to invite others to join them in a Zoom meeting or other online gathering.

Additional features, like as a speaker and session planner, subscriptions, email reminders, tools to monetize events, tools to manage bookings, and more, are available from the developer in addition to the core EventOn plugin. You pay a little more for each, but you get a lot more in return.

4. The Event Calendar

One of the most often used events plugins for WordPress is Stellar WP’s Events Calendar, which comes in both a free and a paid version. The schedule is presented in a calendar format. Monthly views are the default, although daily and weekly views are also available.

The Events Calendar’s flexibility is one of its greatest strengths. Although the plugin itself is very unremarkable, it serves as a springboard from which developers with even a modest level of expertise may create branded and more comprehensive event views.

Use The Events Calendar even if you don’t know how to programme!

5. Event Espresso

Because of its useful features, Event Espresso is a top choice among WordPress event plugins. This plugin has been around for a while, and both the free and paid versions offer a lot.

Event Espresso Decaf, the free edition, includes a calendar, ticketing and event registration, and a payment gateway option for events. Since most plugins require money to unlock the premium version, this is rather unusual for a free plugin. Email confirmation and follow-up are premium features that you can pay extra for.

This add-on takes care of a wider variety of event management tasks than the majority of the others below. It’s a convenient tool for handling a wide range of ticketing, registration, payment, and attendance-tracking tasks. It’s a robust plugin for managing events, with support for things like ticket scanning apps.

6. All in One Event Calendar’s All-in-One Event Calendar is a beautiful WordPress plugin that emphasises scheduling events. The initial goal was to design a plugin that required little in the way of upkeep and made it easy to add and organise events. Those objectives are met by this plugin.

There is not a lot of fluff or unnecessary decoration going on here. The process of making a calendar, adding events, managing those events, creating recurring events, and importing calendars is streamlined.

Both the free WordPress plugin version and the innovative cloud-based hosted version of All-in-One Event Calendar are available. It’s an unconventional method, but it appears to be effective.

7. Event Organiser

The Event Organiser plugin for WordPress events is another excellent option. It lacks Amelia’s polished appearance but makes up for it with a wealth of features that aim to be as adaptable and user-friendly as possible.

Featuring a user-friendly dashboard and a month-to-view, Event Organiser is a calendar plugin well worth checking out. You may advertise events, take reservations, sell tickets, personalise the booking form, communicate with attendees via email (including confirmation and follow-up messages), and accept payments through a number of different methods using this plugin.

There is a premium paid version of the plugin in addition to the free one. The Pro plan is required for accepting money, selling tickets, and sending follow-up emails; the free plan includes a calendar and the ability to schedule events. In both, you have complete control over how your calendar appears.

8. Amelia

Amelia departs from the path taken by WP Event Manager in a small but significant way. This plugin’s primary function is to facilitate scheduling. It’s an elegant WordPress plugin for managing events, and it comes with a tonne of useful features including a calendar view for events, multiple views depending on the type of event, and smart administration to prevent repeated booking.

The name Amelia sounds quite professional. The aesthetic is cutting-edge and was created to fit in with minimal effort with any existing website design. After a quick installation, you can add event widgets everywhere on your site and control them from a centralised control panel.

Amelia is an expensive but worthwhile events plugin for WordPress. Key features include, but are not limited to, interaction with WooCommerce, synchronisation with external calendars, SMS notifications, and support for custom fields and recurring appointments.

9. WP Event Manager

Another fantastic events plugin for WordPress is WP Event Manager. The primary plugin is a calendar-focused addition that is available for no cost and with open source. If further features are required, paid add-ons can be purchased.

Because of its newness and unique approach, WP Event Manager is a plugin that differs from the norm. It’s been made to look well next to the rest of your website’s content and to match the overall aesthetic. There’s also a robust Ajax search function, which is something you won’t find in other plugins.

WP Event Manager also includes user-submitted event forms, a design that can be modified to fit any website, different calendar views, an easy-to-use dashboard, and much more.

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