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The Solo Wheel Glide 3 Review E-Skater’s Ideas After 200 Miles
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Greetings from the e skate crew! Since my last essay, I haven’t posted anything. But don’t be alarmed! End of a long wait Many of you have been contacting me to inquire about my One Wheel exploits. The Solo Wheel Glide 3 Review: E-Skater’s Ideas After 200 Miles Since the last review, I’ve logged almost 1,000 miles between my One Wheel Plus and XR, but today I’d want to talk about something else. This is the Solo Wheel Glide 3, and I’d want to tell you a little bit about why I adore it.

E skating has been an intriguing experience for people who are new to my content. A sponsored downhill skateboarder since 2011, I bought my first One Wheel last year after riding several other boards of all shapes and sizes in the meantime. The Solo Wheel Glide 3 Review: E-Skater’s Ideas After 200 Miles. Since then, my riding style has evolved considerably. I’ve always had a soft spot for single-wheelers, and when the going got tough, I’d grab for my dependable Plus.

When I received my Glide 3 review unit, all of that was put to rest.

The Solo Wheel Glide 3

Unless you’ve ever ridden a unicycle, this wheel is nearly impossible to ride out of the box. Assuming I had a leg up because of my extensive knowledge with skateboards and One Wheels, I was wrong.

Ride Quality Of Solo Wheel Glide:

EUCs are a joy to ride once you get the hang of them. They’re nimble and stable, even at high speeds, and offer a relaxed riding position that lets you use your knees to cushion the impact of potholes and other road imperfections. When I was just a few weeks into riding, I noticed a really unnerving oscillation that resembled “speed wobble” on a skateboard when I was going above 10 mph. It wasn’t a big deal once I loosened up my body a bit and built up the muscles necessary to maintain the unit in place (also much like dealing with speed wobble).

Once I got through the learning curve, I was astounded by the capabilities of this wheel. The 16-inch tyres handle bumps and vibrations on the road with ease, and off-roading was a breeze!

With an 800W motor, the low ride height and center weight of the rider creates an exhilarating ride. It doesn’t matter how far I go on One Wheels. I always feel like I’m on the verge of colliding with anything or someone, which might result in terrible injury. The Glide 3’s warning alert is a great feature, but it requires a lot of effort to set it off. Despite this (and this should serve as a lesson for the future), I’ve never felt threatened by the wheel.

The Glide 3’s performance numbers are equally impressive. At 18.6 mph top speed and 24 miles of range on a single charge, the Glide 3 is the fastest and most attractive personal electric vehicle (PEV) on the market. Nothing even comes close to the $900 pricing tag.

Range Of Solo Wheel Glide:

Because it’s currently 40 degrees outside, I had to conduct my 100% -0 percent range test in those conditions. I’m sure this, along with my 185-pound frame, had a role in the Glide 3’s battery life, but I was only able to get 16.5 miles out of it before the light went out signaling low power. “30 miles of ultimate independence” is an overstatement, according to IN Motion. Even with a lighter rider and a more temperate atmosphere, I was only able to score 16.5mpg, which isn’t quite as impressive as 30mpg.

The Handle Of Solo Wheel Glide 3:

The Solo Wheel Glide

If you’re looking for the best features in a device, this is it. My least favorite part of riding in a PEV is having to lug around all of the bulky equipment needed to reach where I’m going. The Solo Wheel Glide 3 Review: E-Skater’s Ideas. Despite my best efforts, I can only carry my 30-pound One Wheel for a few blocks at a time. A flight of steps is tough to negotiate with the vast size of boosted boards like the Kaly construct and the LaCroix.

The Glide 3’s telescoping handle, which is identical to the one on your luggage, makes it simple to maneuver. The Glide 3’s internal motor may be activated by gripping the handle, eliminating the need to push or pull it. As you tilt the handle, an internal motor takes care of everything else.

How Solo Wheel Look:

When the handle is extended and the LED lights are off, there’s nothing more stylish than a rolling piece of baggage. Glide 3 looks like it belongs in pubs and clubs that previously turned me away due of my One Wheel or skateboard.

When I strolled about with the One Wheel, I believed it was attracting a lot of attention. People from all walks of life have approached me since I began riding the Glide 3 on my daily commute. As I’ve heard this question so many times. I’ve prepared an answer. “What the heck is that?” Older men in suits frequently approach me in the elevator to inquire about the Glide 3’s elegant look and features.

As soon as the handle is depressed and the side LEDs and front spotlight are illuminated. The Batmobile becomes a party machine. The Solo Wheel Glide 3 Review: E-Skater’s Ideas Unlike most e skates, the Glide 3 comes equipped with all the lights you’ll need to be seen at night already mounted. There are many more patterns to pick from in the app!

The Solo Wheel Glide

Keep in mind that your Glide 3 will attract college students and homeless individuals as moths to a flame, so be aware of this when using it.)

Up to roughly 7 feet in front of you, the headlight is also quite functional. You can see most hazards at slower speeds. But I’d like a little more light when doing 18mph on the notoriously dangerous streets of Boston.

The Solo Wheel Glide is a Water Proof:

Its IP55 rating means that it can survive water jets and is superior to all but the most expensive e skates. An enclosed design that keeps wheel spray from drenching you makes. It excellent for wet or rainy weather commutes. Instead of randomly shutting off when riding through the rain like my One Wheel, the Glide 3 has been flawless in the 200 kilometers I’ve logged on it. In fact. I get wet before the wheel does, and I’m not a fan. For terrible weather. It is now my go-to choice, but I have yet to ride it in the snow.

Solo Wheel Glide

As evidenced by the photos, I was able to climb the majority of the slope before slamming to a halt. Next day, I took the Glide 3 for a spin in the more settled snow. And it behaved well.. The performance of this vehicle has blown me away. And it has become my new go-to pick when it is snowing or icy outside. When the snow was so deep. Most cars couldn’t make it up the slope, but the Glide 3 did just fine.


Because I have no intention of selling my Glide 3 any time soon. I’m hoping you guys are ready to witness a lot more EUC stuff. This device is ideal for my daily commute because of its wide range, versatility, and durability. As the weather becomes colder, we’ll be able to observe how well it functions. My Glide 3 is a favorite of mine, and I’m sure it will be for others as well. The Solo Wheel Glide 3 Review: E-Skater’s Ideas. This is the single obstacle to their huge popularity: the steep learning curve required to ride one. In my opinion. This vehicle is one of the greatest solutions for long-distance journeys. And one of the simplest electric vehicles to drive on a daily basis.

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