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Possway T3 Latest Review 2022
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Review of the Possway T3 2022–More Range and Comfortable Since we’ve had the opportunity, we’ve ignored Possway as long as possible. Despite the abundance of cheap electric skateboard firms from China, the smaller emerging manufacturers must put in a lot of effort to have a chance. The low-cost mass production advantages of large corporations already exist.

We can’t overlook the Possway T3 board because of Possway’s perseverance.

For $499, you can have a set that includes 105 mm Cloud wheels Donut clones and a 7.8 Ah battery. The board has two 500W hub motors. Which is remarkable for a board under $500.

If the battery, motor, and wheels on this electric skateboard perform as planned, it might be one of the most cost-effective models on the market. The specifications should be reviewed in a sequential manner.

Possway T3 Construct and Specs 2022.

Possway T3 Build and specs 2022
  • Electronic Speed Control: LingYi ESC
  • Deck: 37” inch drop deck, W concave, 1-ply bamboo, 8-ply maple, medium flex
  • Battery: 7.8 Ah, 10s3p
  • Marketed Range: 17 miles / 28 km
  • Motors: 500 W * 2 dual hub
  • Marketed Top Speed: 32 mph or 52 km/h
  • Trucks: Non-branded, 45° Caliber clone
  • Wheels: 105 mm Cloud wheel Donuts clone

The deck is made of 1-ply bamboo and 8-ply maple and has a mild flex. A LingYi electronic speed controller and a dual-plastic-encased 7.8 Ah 10s3p configuration battery are on the other side.

This battery has a capacity of 280.8 watt-hours and a range of 17 miles (28 kilometres). If you weigh 210 pounds (95 kilogrammes), you might expect to get 11 miles or 18 kilometres out of it.

Possway T3 uses unbranded trucks that look like Caliber knockoffs. Trucks with 45-degree turning radiuses are on the market now. Cloud wheels replica Donut 105mm Donut 105mm wheels This pair of wheels does a fantastic job of absorbing road shocks.

The two 500W motors, on the other hand, can reach a top speed of 32 mph (52 km/h). The final speed was a dismal 28.5 mph (46 km/h).

Learn more about dual hub motors by clicking here.

There was no way this vehicle would live up to the marketing hype despite having exceptional top speeds and range. Next, we’ll talk about the actual ride.

How To Ride on Possway T3

Ride of Possway T3

Overall, Possway T3 is a pleasant but uninspired method of transportation that is both comfy and calm. In the “boring” section, what we think.

The Possway T3 is a letdown in terms of raw power and exhilaration. Although the dual 500W motors looked impressive on paper, they were woefully underpowered when put to the test in the real world.

Riders with a lot of weight may struggle with the slow accelerations on mountainous hills. Even so, cruising around on this board is a lot of fun. The LingYi ESC on this Possway T3 performs wonderfully throughout all four settings.

As simple and enjoyable to use as a speed control, the board is an excellent choice.

There is no doubt that the T3’s deck is the board’s star. The design’s drop-down mechanism, which provides exceptional stability, allows for the reduced riding height. Due of its low ground clearance, you may not be able to travel as far as you would like.

The board’s concave design made it easier to manoeuvre. Because it’s wider on both ends, this deck makes it much easier to move about on. This is great for those with larger feet.

The trucks on the Possway T3 add to the vehicle’s durability and comfort. These vehicles prioritise stability over response. This is a really steady and enjoyable ride even when you’re going at full throttle.

Another advantage of the T3 would be its ability to handle uneven roads with ease. The T3’s 105mm wheels and flexible deck made it one of the more comfortable boards to ride in really bad road conditions.

The VERDICT Of Possway Electric skateboard T3:

Possway T3 Review

As a result of its great stats on paper, the Possway T3 gave us just a partial picture of its actual performance. It is impossible for two hub motors to provide the same amount of power, despite their high wattage. It seems to me that this is the board’s most significant defect.

There were a number of areas where Possway T3 excelled its competition, though. For those who prefer larger 105 mm wheels, the battery life will be enhanced and the ride will be more stable and comfortable.

It was disappointing to see our results, but overall the Possway T3 is an excellent board, especially considering the price.

Newbies will appreciate its ability to enhance ride quality and stability. A great solution for skateboarders who have to go long distances on muddy routes.

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